Divorce Changes Lives Forever…

Do It Differently To Most, Learn How To Divorce Well.

It takes more than good professional advice to get through a divorce with all parties coming out of it in good shape.
Critical to this will be your intention to divorce well and your ability to follow through on this during times of high stress and major family changes.

It’s hard to anticipate the stresses that divorce can bring.   Often, both parties have good intentions to keep things civil, but are not prepared for the many unknowns and the high emotions they and their children can experience.

It requires a specific set of skills to successfully manage the process, set the scene to rebuild your new life, along with successful long term co-parenting.

Different agendas, angry outbursts, and conflict in general, can cause things to go off track, increasing costs and negatively impacting on children.  

This VIRTUAL 1 day group program is designed to help you develop skills necessary to navigate the divorce process more successfully … to come out of it with lives intact, particularly your children’s.

Importantly, it provides you with the opportunity to connect with others travelling the same road … an invaluable resource to share experiences, solutions and support when things get tough.

Introducing Divorcing Harmoniously - Essential Skills Virtual 1 Day Bootcamp

Helping You Save Time And Money!

  • Live online group sessions  – get up to speed quickly
  • Learn techniques to deal with difficult partners (and others) to help de-escalate situations
  • Draft a parenting plan
  • Hear other’s solutions and approaches to resolving issues
  • Get downloadable PDF's - including a parenting plan guide
  • Develop an ongoing support group

 We will  cover:

  • Techniques for dealing with conflict and anger to help reduce ongoing problems or issues escalating
  • How to manage difficult conversations for better outcomes
  • Advanced communication skills to deliver clear messages under pressure - verbal & written - a skill you will need going forward
  • Tools to help you prepare and be able to participate more confidently in a Family Dispute Resolution Conference or Mediation
  • Setting new boundaries
  • Consider what needs to go into a  parenting plan pertinent to your family circumstances & get group input 
  • Importantly, we will look at what happens when we experience emotional overwhelm along with techniques to manage this and stay in control to help reduce stress levels - now and into the future.
  • Plus, explore a powerful tool to help you develop insight into behaviours you choose, so you can co-parent more effectively … essential to your children’s wellbeing and helping ensure more involvement in their life.

Joining the Bootcamp will help you:

  • Save money helping to avoid legal fees blowing out by learning how communicate more clearly
  • Know how to ask powerful questions and make proposals in your negotiations now and in future dealings with the other party
  • Have tools to better handle conflict and difficult conversations
  • Have increased written and verbal skills to clearly communicate your needs and wants during the divorce and into the future
  • Have techniques to better manage anger and conflict + be able to deal with strong emotions from yourself and others, to avoid being triggered
  • Find your voice and increase self-confidence to manage the unknowns ahead
  • Feel more in control and able to participate in the divorce process -> better able to reduce stress levels and negative impact on your children
  • Be part of a divorce support group
OPTIONAL to the needs of the group:
Preparation around breaking the news re your intention to separate. Doing this with as much dignity and respect for the other person, can minimise levels of conflict and improve the prospect of more positive co-parenting.

"Working through a separation can be an emotional and draining experience without the added stress of a legal dispute. Developing these skills can make a drastic improvement to emotional and mental well-being throughout this process, as well as assisting in reaching a more positive and amicable resolution."   
Nicole Jevtovic, Principal Family Law Solicitor & Mediator, Clarity Family Law Solutions

These skills will enable you to save time and money by approaching divorce more effectively, co-parenting more co-operatively … helping you and your children deal with changes in the family structure … setting everyone up for more positive outcomes – particularly your children.

Choose from the following dates:

1 Day Virtual Bootcamp:
Saturday 18th June
9:30am to 3pm

Bootcamp1 | 190 AUD | + GST 10 %

1 Day Virtual Bootcamp:
Sunday 19th June
9:30am to 3pm

Bootcamp2 | 190 AUD | + GST 10 %
“After many cups of coffee and long hours of listening to me, my very good friend suggested I speak to Carolyn Madden, a divorce coach. I was a bit sceptical, especially when a phone session was suggested. From my first phone session I felt empowered. It gave me a sense of direction, assisted me to set realistic goals and action plans. Most importantly it aided my self-esteem. Divorce is overwhelming. Talking to a caring professional like Carolyn helped me acknowledge my priorities and a way to achieve them. 
Thank you. - RM, Castle Hill NSW