Specialist Separation / Divorce Support and Recovery Coaching

Requirements for Divorcing Well

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You need more than just good professional advice to survive divorce.

The main components are what YOU bring to the divorce - your skills (particularly negotiation skills) and ability to stay focused.

These two factors are what can impact a divorce going off track and blowing out costs, limiting your ability to think clearly and make considered decisions.

I work with men and women who want personalised support to divorce well ... helping them move through the process more successfully, effectively and quickly.


Areas we can focus on:

  • preparing around the many unknowns of the divorce process e.g. preparing to see a Family Lawyer
  • supporting your children to more successfully transition to a new family structure + managing their emotions
  • parenting plans and how co-parenting will work in a practical sense for your situation
  • developing effective negotiating / conflict management skills + managing the emotional rollercoaster
  • how to transition from married life to being single again ... to really live your life!